care tips: hanging baskets and patio pots

Here are some tips on how to keep your baskets and patio pots looking their best:

  • For best results, have your baskets and pots connected to your drip irrigation system. Check the moisture level every day. If the container feels light, it is dry. Water SLOWLY until the container is draining from the bottom — not just a drip, but coming from all of the container's holes. This ensures that the entire root system receives moisture. Plants in dry baskets will wilt and are difficult to rehydrate. If this happens, put the whole container in a tub of water for a couple of hours.
  • When hot days come, your hanging baskets may need watering as frequently as twice a day.
  • Fertilize them weekly with a well-balanced fertilizer; look for a 5-10-5 formulation. Soluble fertilizer is easier to use when watering, but dry fertilizers work, too; just use one or the other, not both. Be sure to water right after using dry fertilizer. Follow all package instructions.  Alternatively, we recommend Miracle Gro slow release fertilizer (comes in a pellet form) that only needs to be applied less frequently (read package instructions).
  • To sustain blooms, keep flowers deadheaded (this means take time to pinch off any flowers that are dead/spent).  The more you do this, the more vigorous the new growth will be!!  Don't be afraid to cut the plant back if it becomes leggy.  Your hanging basket plants should never be longer than the bottom of the pot they are planted in. The longer the stem/stalk of a plant, the more energy it takes to get water out to the extremities, therefore the plant will compensate by not getting water to the areas closest to the roots (making them stringy and leggy and not bloom up at the base of the plant).  So trim, trim, trim to keep them bushy and full!
  • Move them to a garage or shed when nighttime temperatures are below 50 degrees, when wind howls or hail threatens.

Spring has sprung!

HB red.png
HB purple 2.png

It is almost that time of year again, my favorite time. I hope you were happy with your spring plants last year and are interested in ordering again this year.  For those of you who are new clients of poppy & pine, I’d like to introduce you to our spring plant offerings. Each year we offer a selection of amazing hanging baskets, pre-planted patio pots and custom planted patio pots. We have tons of options for both shade and sun porches/backyards, and we can also take your existing planters and plant a custom selected variety of plants.  

Please email  with what you think you'd like to order this spring, or if you need/want some help in deciding. I can tell you what you ordered last year and we can duplicate it or we can find something new and fun. For our new clients, let me know if you are interested and we can communicate directly to find the perfect color and variety of plants for your yard! You can also order hanging baskets and pre-planted patio pots online.

We will deliver plants in mid-May.

Also, we wanted to update you on our progress in building out our shop at the Stanley Marketplace. We know you all have heard that there are delays, and this is true and sometimes frustrating, but they are working hard to get all the moving pieces in place for a late summer opening (probably mid-August, fingers crossed). We are so excited to get in our space, but in the meantime we are hard at work doing weddings, sending weekly flowers to businesses around the neighborhood, and planting spring baskets/pots. 

Thank you for your continued support of our thriving small business. We look forward to helping get your home ready for spring!

Take care,  Nicole & Karla

Simple and Classic Holiday Decorating

Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Wreath

The holiday season can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed with things to do: shopping, cooking, traveling, and entertaining, just to name a few.  Oftentimes, decorating for the holidays ends up last on our never-ending to do lists.  This year, keep your decorating simple and classic and make your surroundings feel festive without draining your checkbook or your energy.   

Live greenery is a simple and festive way to bring the winter landscape and the beauty of the season indoors.  There are many options for live greenery and each comes with a distinctscent and look.  

Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia Wreath

Take boxwood and magnolia, for instance.  These unscented evergreens let those with Southern roots feel very much like they’ve brought a little bit of home up to Colorado.  You can find boxwood and magnolia designed within wreaths, garlands, topiaries, and kissing balls, to name a few.  These evergreens dry beautifully without changing color and do not shed needles, allowing them to last well intoJanuary.  

The most common evergreen seen around Denver at big box stores, specialty shops, and florists are mixed Northwest greens.  Wreaths, garlands, and door swags are often comprised of a variety of evergreens ranging from spruce, juniper, cedar, pine and fir. Many will be adorned with pinecones and berries that enhance the beauty and scent while providing texture and interest to each unique wreath.  These wreaths are hardy for the front door – but a word of caution to those homes with a wreath on a south facing facade or door, the intense winter sun dries these out, and can change them from a bright green to a dull brown color.

Mixed Green Wreath

Mixed Green Wreath

While the typical wreath and garland is a popular choice, think about incorporating greenery into your decor in unusual ways this season.  One option we like to offer our clients this time of year is planting their outdoor patio or porch pots with cut evergreen boughs.  Pairing a variety of evergreens like blue spruce, juniper, cedar and pine with red twig dogwood, ilex berries or magnolia leaves brings a beauty to your porch that has just seen the last of the beauty of your summer flowers.

Why should the porch be the only place toget adorned with beautifulgreenery?  Bring these live greens indoors with an unusual centerpiece for your dining room table, crafted out of live, cut greenery, sticks and berries.  You’ll find this centerpiece will last long after your holiday guests have headed home and you’ll be left with a beautiful arrangement that can be enjoyed without the hustle and bustle of holiday hosting and entertaining.

Allergic to evergreens?  Live holiday decor doesn’t have to be limited to evergreens. Paperwhite bulbs, amaryllis bulbs, Christmas cactus, and poinsettias are all beautiful options to add interest and scent to your holiday decor.  Line the length of your dining room table with pots of paperwhites for a tall and delicate live table runner, sure to impress your holiday guests! Flank your fireplace with beautiful poinsettias to anchor the mantle decor (but be careful if you have dogs who chew, these are poisonous to animals). Or wrap an amaryllis plant in burlap and ribbon for the perfect hostess gift for all those parties you’ve been invited to.  The options are endless!!

Incorporating just a few live plants into your holiday decor will not only allow you to cross one more thing off your to-do list, but they will be pieces to enjoy long after the last gift is opened, the last glass of champagne has been enjoyed, and the last guest has left the party.

Order from POPPY & PINE.

fall gardening & CherryArts Festival at Stanley!

Keep your patio pots blooming well into the fall with our selection of mums, ornamental kales and cabbages, and pansies. No need to replace every plant, just those that have spent all of their blooms. POPPY & PINE will even plant them for you for a small additional cost!

Now is the time to get your spring bulbs in the ground - tulips, allium, daffodils and more. Spring blooming bulbs require planting in the fall and the freezing temperatures of winter in order to bloom come springtime.   

Join us in October for CherryArts Festival at Stanley produced by the Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

CherryArts is excited to partner with Stanley Marketplace in their opening year to create an event that will grow and thrive within this unique urban marketplace. Don’t miss the big opening night event Friday October 23rd as we kick off the full weekend of national art, local flavor and creative living, as well as a preview of Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado!